Photography: Abram leonard


Atmospheric black and green encircles an infinite,
glowing sand. Challenged by the elements a group
of women instinctively moves on.
Looking for a truth; Their universe of power.

The Travelers:
This collection is inspired by Alexandrine
Tinne (The Hague, 1835 –1869).
She was a Dutch explorer in Africa and the first European woman who attempted to cross the Sahara. During this expedition, on the route from Murzuk to Ghat, she was murdered. In this collection I place this story in a different world. A group of eight women are on a journey through the universe. Traveling by wormhole in the direction of the planets. The purpose is transcending the femininity of Venus.

Photography: Abram leonard
Models: Lisanne Sanders, Muriel Masimo
Make-up: Christy Da Costa Gomez
Special thanks to SS-A, Lars Eggen, Bobby van Dam