photoshoot with Sascha Varkevisser


Nowadays everyone looks for happiness and the truth in his own way. However, in the past people lived in a community where everyone had a fixed place and role. Happiness and truth was to be found trough God and the family. Today, everyone is an individual who is detached from the unshakable ties of the past and determines his own life. We can make our own choices and decide for ourselves how to fill our life with happiness and truth. It's this behavior of people searching for truth and happiness that fascinates me.

For this collection, I was inspired by a quote of French philosopher Jean Baudrillard: “God exists but I don’t believe in him” (Baudrillard, Cool Memories II, 1987-1990) - in other words: there is no God, but the subjective existence of god does not mean that He is not there or that He has no meaning. God’s existence is therefore in one’s subjective experience. Other sources of inspiration were the mysticism and rituals of new and fictive religions, explored in 1970’s philosophic science-fiction films like Zardoz and Holy Mountain. These sources equally investigate ‘spiritual truth’, by using subjective and fictive believes, mystics and symbolicism. The new collection includes outfits that could be used for my own fictitious religions.

Concept and production
Manon Boertien

Video collection
Photography and Video editing:
Manon Boertien

Video a search for happiness #2
Concept and production: Manon Boertien
Music: Ian Martin
Models: from Rushmodels: Maria Da Silva, Cathelijne Wassenaar, Kristie Smith, Rominy de Vos
Make-up: Florence Claire
Support SS-A

Photography:Sascha Varkevisser
Model: Merel Verberne
Make-up: Florence Claire

collages fictive movie stills:
Model: Renske Boertien

Photography runway: © photo Peter Stigter

Special thanks to:Ilga Minjon,
SS-A,Sanne and Renske Boertien,Fashionclash, Rushmodels, Skooz.com