A personal search for happiness

This collection is about my personal search for happiness.
Everyone looks for happiness in his or her own way.
I try to find this feeling in love, youth, religion, sex and orgasms,
colours and new age.

For example:
I have used memories of the religion from my childhood because
the people in my surroundings always seemed very happy.
These warm memories and corresponding spiritual feelings, I tried to
translate, with a sense of humor, into colours and shapes.
The fabrics I used are (mostly) thin silks, with which I wanted to create
free and unobstructed movement and feelings.

The "window crystal", which was always hanging in front of my window was a
big inspiration for the prints.
It is said that these crystals radiate positive energy, I get happy when
the sun shines through it and fills my room with splendid rainbow-colours.
I made photos, using these crystals as a lens and used these strange,
distorted images in my prints. Mysterious and psychedelic.
One of these photo's I used literally as a digital print on several
From the same crazy pictures I took strange glittering forms as the
starting point for the multi-layered foil-prints i used on a legging a
pair of pants and a dress.

The little Swarovski crystals, paillette fabrics and gleaming foil-prints
are friendly winks to the kitsch in which religion and new age
frequently surround them selfs.
I put some sense of humor in my, kind of serious, concept, because I
believe that when you take everything too serious, you will, for sure,
not become happy.

The collection was presented as a performance.
The performance starts with a female person who stands, covered by a garb,
in in the middle of of a grey cloudy projection.
One by one mystic persons tie floating golden balloons to the garb, until
it, surrounded by holy light and ecstatic music, floats away.
She finds her orgasm of happiness.

Credits: Concept and production: Manon Boertien
video performance: SS-A en Manon Boertien
Video editing: SS-A
Photography Photoshoot: Jan Bovenberg
Photography performance: Herman van Gestel, Burt Quincy, Annemarie Voeten
Photography lookbook: Manon Boertien
Models Photoshoot: Sanne, Renske
Models performance: Thijske,Sanne,Renske,Thijske N, Charlotte, Inge,
Vanessa, Dayenne, Marloes.
Model lookbook: Sanne
Make-up Photoshoot: Vera de Sterke
Make-up performance: Vera de Sterke, Jennifer Haak
Special thanks to: Jolanda van de Broek, Brigitte Hendrix, HTNK,
Peter Leferink, Wim Ewals, Jenneke van der Wal, Bibi Straatman, Annette
Heinen, Irene Ennen, Stephanie Marien, Karel Bakker, Pauline Klein Paste