Manon Boertien (Nieuwersluis, 1985) started her label Manon Boertien in 2009, after
graduating from the HKU Utrecht. She works from her own studio in Utrecht.
Manon Boertien grew up in a religious environment, although she has left behind most of
this, she remains in search of the metaphysical. Despite her criticism towards religion, her
naivety makes her believe that they can give a little piece of truth.

The truth is elusive and for centuries different cultures try to fill it in through spiritual
experience, rituals and rules based on fear and love. For her work Manon is inspired by the
behavior of people to find truth and happiness.
Because she experiments with a variety of disciplines (print, video and performance), she
investigates and shows us her concepts from multiple perspectives.
With her label she takes us with her on these expeditions.